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There is something rare and indefinable that happens when we see planets and galaxies up close and in detail; a breathless moment when we are in touch with all creation – with beauty that is infinite.

GarganOptics is dedicated to giving you that moment. We can create a Star Party for you, your friends or your company. For all the details, please give us a call us at 1-760-238-4584 and let us make your party or event really shine!

We are not just about parties. If you are a proud Meade LX200 owner, we have developed a line of products to enhance the performance and usability of your giant field tripod. The products range from tripod stabilizers to tripod transport cases. Please visit our Products page for full information.

Galactic images never fail to fascinate. We’ve included a few for you to enjoy on our Galactic Images page.

But don’t stop there. Contact Us and find out how we can help you enjoy the experience of viewing sites around the universe in real time.

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